Nine Tips for Beginners on Minimalist Interior Designing

Last year’s mandatory lockdowns brought out the claustrophobes in everyone. With going out practically impossible and every family member cooped up inside, the need for personal space sprung up.

This resulted in the surge of interest in minimalist living. But as much as everyone wants to just tear everything down and rebuild from scratch, redesigning and repurposing homes can be quite scary.

But you don’t have to sweat it because we got you covered. Here are nine quick and easy-to-follow tips to get your minimalist dream house:


The main principle of minimalism is “less is more”. By focusing on only what you need, looking for the best furniture becomes easier. Use only what’s essential. And have only what will be used. When you go with this approach, not only will you save money by only buying necessary things, you’ll also earn more by selling the unnecessary ones.

If you want your home to have that elegant touch of simplicity, include the following on your furniture shopping checklist.

Go with multifunctional

Get things that can be used in many ways. Shelf floor lamps can brighten up a room and also serve as aesthetically pleasing storage. Convertible chair beds can be a chic lounge for daytime visitors and a bed when they decide to sleep over. Retractable tables are now being designed to turn into stylish wall mirrors when retracted on the wall.

Size matters

To get that “less is more” vibe, go for bigger aesthetic pieces. Get half of that wall covered by a mirror. Bring life to that corner by adding a life-size indoor plant. Even when alone, large-scale décor makes any space appear stunning.

Find that soft curve

Leave the stiffness of polygons behind. Curvy furniture gives off a calming effect. Add that with the fact that it’s practically babyproofed and easier for matching carpets and rags, there’s really nothing more to discuss.

Get the perfect balance between beauty and quality

A lot of the products you can buy online are exquisite. However, with no means to check it before purchase, most people tend to regret their decisions within a couple of months. Invest in quality. Choose furniture that will stand the test of time even with daily use.

minimalist interior design


Minimalism has storage utilization at its roots. To get to that level of simplicity, you’d have to invest in storage. But you don’t have to worry because it won’t be hard and expensive. Nowadays, almost everything has the capability to store. The only limit is your imagination. Bare walls can be improved by adding a couple of redwood shelves. Wheeled storage bins are perfect for storing things under your bed. Decluttering can be a quick and easy task if you follow these simple rules.

Have a sense of transparency

Choose transparent furniture. It’s universal and easy to pair with any theme. It’s the practical option since its quality doesn’t get affected by humidity. And most importantly, it doesn’t steal the space and creates a feeling of clutter.

Embrace the concept of concealed storage

Not everything needs to be seen. The concept of concealed storage is not only practical but also fun. Ottoman benches can give you space for the magazines and books you just buy but never read. The duty box wardrobe is a full-length mirror that’s also a life-size bathroom closet. Getting a storage stepladder in a loft-type bedroom not only gives additional storage space but also dish style.

With your home storage capacity at the maximum, decluttering and cleaning won’t be such a time-consuming task. As the world revolves around chaos, you simply get to live a more organized life.


The secret key to a perfect minimalist house is lighting. Everyone talks about decluttering and storage space. Choosing the perfect furniture is always the topic. Don’t get distracted with all that and let this be your guiding light. Pun intended.

Having the perfect lighting across a room just screams beauty. And with these three simple guidelines, that beauty would be yours.

Go light on the eyes

Pick light and neutral colors as your base motif. The goal is to achieve that meditative trance by just sitting on your sofa. Nothing says cleanliness more than white. Pastel colors are also good. Light gray, beige, cream, whatever. As long as it’s light, your home won’t make you feel heavy.

Stick to the theme

The first step in designing a house must always be deciding what you want. You don’t wanna see a house with rattan couches and wooden tables have a random plastic chair in the middle. Stick to the theme. Follow color coordination. Having multiple shades and colors to look at can actually be taxing to the mind.

Utilize natural lighting

Glass doors, glass windows, and glass walls. Glass everything. Natural lighting gives off a clear and positive atmosphere. Having bear windows would let sunlight brighten your day and everything in the room. Getting a skylight made is also great if you have the budget. It would certainly add the finishing touch you need to call that space a dream home.

Remember that visual satisfaction matters. The more beautiful the interior of your house looks, the more satisfied you feel.

Getting on the minimalism trend is both fun and useful. However, taking on too much and doing it in just a day is probably more counter-productive. Do it one room at a time. Inspiration and productivity can usually be found in a well-rested mind. Take it slow and declutter your mind.

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