Your Landscaping Design MUST Be Centered Around What You Want

We have nothing against going by the book when it comes to general landscaping and giving your property a much-needed uplift; it’s proven to work, and it will undoubtedly help raise the overall value of your home and its associated curb appeal. In fact, going by most modern homes’ standards is a pretty safe bet for any homeowner, especially with the growing popularity of minimalist takes, geometric centerpieces, and the appeal of quality over quantity.

However, one major gripe we have with just following the crowd and adhering to the bandwagon effect of sticking to trends is that our homes end up losing their uniqueness, failing to recognize the “individuality” that should exist in every home design. So, we strongly recommend every homeowner looking to revamp their landscaping to go against the grain and really ask themselves what they want and what emotions they want to evoke.

#1 A Peaceful, Calm, And Contemporary Aesthetic

For those searching for a more peaceful, calm, and contemporary aesthetic, you can use modern designs as a baseline reference but add a few more features on top of them to help establish that calming sensation every time you step into the backyard. With this approach, you’ll want to emphasize the feeling of serenity and try to avoid as much as possible any design feature that could divert you from relaxation.

  • Water Features With Soft Lighting: One excellent way of introducing that peaceful and calming vibe into your landscaping plans is by matching beautiful water features with soft lighting. These centerpieces for your design create a natural ebb and flow to your surroundings, and the touch of soft lighting can elevate corners and shadows, especially during nighttime. Of course, don’t expect it to rival a beautiful Maldives resort anytime soon, but it will certainly feel like it!
  • Outdoor Lounge Area Under Shade: You can’t have a peaceful backyard without the necessary furniture and fixtures that will allow said relaxation, so we definitely recommend including an outdoor lounge area under some shade. Normally, we’d suggest using trees to add more height to the overall design, but patios will work just as fine for spaces that can’t afford such a large investment.

hedge maze landscape

#2 Entertainment-Heavy And Upbeat Mood

Although relaxing all day long is an opportunity that we wouldn’t let slip past us, having your landscaping plans be more entertainment-heavy and geared toward a more upbeat mood is an aesthetic that surely rivals what serenity can provide. Plus, shifting your backyard to this general vibe also includes the extra feature of being able to invite a few friends over for a fun party when everybody finds a chance to reconnect again.

  • Mix And Match Vibrant Colors: Colors can do wonders, and while it might not seem like it at face value, mixing and matching vibrant tones help set a more upbeat mood for the entire environment. So, when you’re deciding on what potting or flowers to plant in your backyard, we suggest that you opt for something more dynamic and eye-catching. You can also experiment with hot colors for any outdoor lighting; make sure it doesn’t come off as overpowering.
  • Build A Fully-Furnished Outdoor Bar: Nothing screams entertainment and excitement better than the sight of a fully-furnished outdoor bar; it’s just the perfect epitome of what partying hard and having fun can look like at home. Likewise, there’s no denying that it’s a huge investment to lay things out properly and keep them functional, so double-check with a professional landscaping provider to moderate any changes needed.

#3 Chic, Minimal, And A Space To Yourself

Last but not least, if you’re the type that likes to keep to yourself and be secluded from the outside world, then going for a chic, minimal, and self-fulfilling place to yourself is not impossible to do. In fact, we might even go as far as to say that it’s a lot easier to plan than the two previously mentioned designs because most of your effort and time will be spent deciding on the limited number of features you can add.

  • Utilize A Muted Color Palette: Other than limiting your number of design pieces, it also helps to utilize a muted color palette to help reflect the overall design aesthetic of being minimal. You want something easy on the eyes, pleasant to look at, but not as eye-catching as your typical garden magazine catalog. Plus, the absence of clutter will complement the more pale tones, helping everything come together as one.

Don’t All These Modern Designs Get To You!

Overall, we want to remind everyone that there’s more to landscaping and designing your home than just sticking to what these modern designs tell you to follow. And if you’ve been struggling to think up something that you want and that will stand out, take this chance to travel and pursue backcountry adventures to gain inspiration.

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