Unassuming Upgrades: Cosmetic Additions for Your Car

It may sound simple, but changing the color of your car can be a piece of work. It’s easy to say, “I want to change the color of my car,” but the job itself is not. A lot of preparation has to be done. For starters, a good auto-body paint booth is needed. This will ensure that your work will be done without any dust or debris catching on the fresh paint. There are companies who offer that service. It would be better to get it done by professionals rather than yourself.

A paint job for your car is done for a reason. It is not always about wanting to change the color. A lot of times the vehicle needs to be touched up due to having severe scratches, or it has weathered the elements so much that its color has faded. A new coat of paint will instantly be recognizable. If you are one who does not need this and still want to beautify your car on a discreet level, you can consider these accessories:


These go around the bottom of your car. They add to the aerodynamic properties, as they can reduce the pressure at the sides. These skirts can cut through that and split it, allowing for a more streamlined profile of the vehicle’s body. This can mean higher speed and better grip.

Skirts are usually part of a body kit, which also includes modifications to other parts of your car like the front and rear bumpers. You can make do with just the skirts, though. Adding these can increase the sportiness of your car. They will make the body look fuller, but overall they will be understated. Your car will still keep the essence of its stock look.

close up of a black car


Adding a spoiler to your car also assists in its aerodynamic properties. This will provide additional downforce, which will make the vehicle stick to the road. This provides extra grip so that your car won’t be careening away at high speeds.

There are many types of spoilers or wings. Keeping the same theme of making a discreet upgrade, choose one that sticks close to the rear curves of your car. There are spoilers that are made of different materials or those that are too high. These stick out too much and are only necessary if you are prioritizing the racing potential of your car.

After all, if you are going that route, you will need more than that. You’re looking at upgrading some parts of your engine, too. But that would be a different story, as your aim now is having a discreet cosmetic upgrade.


If you have added the above to your car, it’s time to get a new set of tires. Low-profile tires have a look that reduces the thickness of the rubber and puts more emphasis on the design of your hubcaps. This affects your car handling by giving it a better grip.

Once you have installed all of these in your car, its new look will be noticeable, but it’s not going to be too flashy. This is especially good for cars that already run fast at stock. These upgrades provide improved performance and make your car look better.

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