Tips to Improve Your Home and Your Health

We all need a safe and stable home. This is especially crucial at a time when a public health crisis still looms. Like many, you’re likely still working from home and limiting outside activities to running essential errands. So you’ve come to realize just how important it is to have a home that ensures your comfort, security and happiness.

No surprise then if you’re taking this opportunity to rearrange or do some DIY renovations. The four corners of your home affect our overall well-being, and with a makeshift home office, your productivity and creativity.

If you’re still considering how you’re going to improve your home, try the following practical ideas:


You may not have realized it until you’ve nowhere to put your stuff. But clutter can creep up on you when you’re too busy. Maybe you had good intentions about keeping those piles of plastic and glass bottles and cartons, but you can’t seem to find the time to recycle. Aside from losing valuable space, stress is another effect of clutter. Too much household objects can raise cortisol levels.

Junk can affect your mental as well as physical health. A messy environment doesn’t just breed pests and insects, but cause you to feel exahusted every day. So you need to get rid of what you’re not using anymore.

Organize your junk into keep, throw away and donate. Schedule time to do this so that you don’t neglect to do it.

Get Organized

After you’ve sorted valuables from needs-to-be sent away, it’s time to store the remaining properly. Getting organized doesn’t have to break the bank. Good thing, there are stylish and functional storage, like cubby and ottoman with built-in storage. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone — you get to keep your stuff and have a new piece of furniture without sacrificing your space.

If you have a small space at home, use multipurpose and flexible furniture pieces.

Bring Nature Indoors

There are many ways we can literally let nature inside our home. Here are a few ways:

nature themed interior

Natural light

Daylighting has proven to impact the overall feel of living space. It creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere which influences our mood. Open your windows, curtains, or blinds to let light in.

Here are other benefits of doing this:

  • Boost your Health

Sunlight reduces the production of bacteria and other harmful organisms that live in your house. It is considered a natural disinfectant and its ultraviolet rays are naturally antiseptic. Being exposed to daylight boosts your immune system because it is a good source of Vitamin B and D.

  • Energy Saving

By allowing natural light inside your house, you are lessening the need to use artificial light and reducing your utility bills. You can also install residential solar panels to further save on energy costs and help minimize climate change.

  • Psychological benefits

Sunlight is known to help balance the body’s hormones. This helps us be in control of our emotions, and be more optimistic. It also increases endorphins and serotonin, which makes us less susceptible to depression and anxiety.

Indoor Plants

Plants improve the quality of indoor air. Plants also help create a calming or relaxing environment. Have you heard about horticultural therapy? This has been around for centuries and is used to help people experiencing mental illness. Having indoor plants enhances your life and improves the aesthetic of your home.

Less Mess, More Space

The state of your home has significant impact on your emotional and physical well-being. It doesn’t need to be big or grand. Your home just has to be clean, organized and safe.

Be smart with your space, and you’ll find every corner of it will be functional and become a source of happiness and productivity. Create a home like this, and you will feel that life is good every single day.


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