The Natural Wonders of Wyndham: Places to Explore

Land for sale is hard to resist in Wyndham City. This lush, quaint little city is home to a trove of natural resources that complement its steady urbanization. In other words, once you move in there, you will find yourself occupied in a good way. There are countless places to go to, numerous activities to participate in, and many gorgeous sights to see. Many attractions are suitable for big groups of families with children and friends who want to do something different. However, you can always visit them alone if you want some solitude.

Another option, if you crave some solitude, is to go to the natural tourist spots, away from the hustle and everyday bustle. Here are some places you may choose to marvel at the wonders of the planet and take a deep and relaxing breath.

Point Cook Marine Sanctuary

Point Cook Marine Sanctuary is located near the sea. Its sandy shores are spotless and expansive, and it protects many species of sea animals and plants. It’s a thriving ecosystem. You will find in narrow sandy beaches, rocky reefs, mudflats, and plenty of creatures along the way. Also, be prepared to be mesmerized by the beautiful colors of the corals.

K Road Cliffs

The K Road Cliffs overlook the Werribee river and have long walkways for which morning and late afternoon strolls are perfect. The view is breathtaking, with the stunning drop to the river, the thriving wildlife, the trees and plants of all kinds. You can bring binoculars to get a better view of the lovely wild migratory birds that hover above the wilderness, such as Spoonbills, Pelicans, Reed Warblers, Honey Eaters, and Fairy Martins. They are all unique to Australia. There are also basalt and quartz rocks, remnants of the volcanic ages and a must-see for geology enthusiasts.

The Heathdale Wetlands

The Heathdale Wetlands

The Heathdale Glen Orden Wetlands are approximately 25 acres of open space in the middle of the Werribee Park Precinct, which is also a point of entry to Point Cook and K Road. It is as it is called: wetlands, which you can easily cross through a raised wooden walkway. This place is perfect for bird-watching; you can spot different kinds of doves, parrots, magpies, and honeyeaters, to name just a few. It can be for picnics, with rotundas all around the wetlands, and cricket games with friends and family in the recreation reserve. There are also a bike track and a playground for children.

City life shouldn’t take away our inclination to our natural side. Even though we live in a highly-urbanized, stressed, and busy world, we always find it healthy to take a retreat somewhere that’s close to the earth. Wyndham is perfect for this since it provides a variety of urban delights as well as the tranquility of nature. There are countless choices to choose from if you look hard enough, and once you’ve tried them all, you can pick your favorite. You can return to the places you’ve particularly enjoyed. Then you will feel rejuvenated and strengthened.

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