Some of the Best Gardening Trends This Year

During this pandemic, people have resorted to gardening as their past time. Even those who didn’t have space for it found new ways to grow their plants within the confined space of their apartments. In addition to this, because of imposed quarantines in many cities, people have also resorted to growing their own produce right in their backyards. New gardening trends have seen growth all throughout the year.

Here are the gardening trends that have seen the biggest growth this year:

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is the kind of gardening that can be done anywhere. It doesn’t need much space to pull off, requires minimal maintenance, and doesn’t require you to have all the needed tools of a traditional garden.

Vertical gardening is a growing trend in many places around the world, especially in urbanized cities. This trend was the direct answer for people looking for a way to grow their garden within the small space of their apartments and condominiums. Without a need for a ridiculous amount of space, vertical gardening relies on walls to be the home for your plants.

Technically, it can be done inside any home or building, as long as it has a wall with enough space for pots. Because of this, various office spaces have also used this kind of gardening to add some life to their buildings.

Grow Your Own

Growing your own produce has always been one of the sustainable goals of gardening. However, during the pandemic, the trend has seen a surge as many households started to grow their own plants and vegetables right in their own backyard. It has been considered as one of the ways to survive the pandemic without ever leaving your house.

Millennials have been known to be the pioneers of this given trend. Many millennials a year ago, started to look into various plants and vegetables to grow in their backyard to save themselves from the tenuous task of visiting the market. After a given amount of time and practice, certain millennials from Ireland have started to grow their own vegetables. Some have even learned how to landscape their gardens properly and install proper irrigation systems for their plants.

Some even installed automated systems, so they didn’t have to personally water their plants all the time. It was truly a revolutionary moment for the millennial generation as they become one of the generations to come back to their roots and sustain themselves through their own gardens.


Smart Gardening

Smart gardening became a recent trend among households as technology became more affordable and procurable for everyone. This trend has helped many gardeners save time on their gardens, as there was no longer a need to be there every day.

Smart gardening has many forms and functions. It can help with monitoring plants and their health, schedule time for sprinklers, and even mow your lawn. It can help with also locating a good place to place your plant and even remove weeds without the need for dangerous chemicals that can harm your plants.

Many gardeners find the usage of this trend enjoyable because it gives them the time to plant even more plants! However, there is a downside to this trend: it tends to be quite expensive. The utility cost of the many functions of a smart garden can lead to you to pay a couple of hundred dollars monthly. The cost for maintaining it is also quite high, so make sure you have the budget for it, or only choose the functions you need the most.

Human beings have been gardening since the dawn of time. But the trends back then were different. Humans from before had to resort to their own manual labor to grow their plants which were very time-consuming. Additionally, some didn’t have the luxury of space that others had for their gardens.¬†However, today, everyone can garden because of these trends. Space is no longer an issue for vertical gardens.

Gardening is no longer time consuming because of smart garden tools. Lastly, people are once again growing their own food, the same way we did before. We have found ways to integrate what we have learned throughout the years and make gardening an accessible hobby for everybody.

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