Is Your Home Safe for Your Pet?

Our homes belong not just to our family members but to our pets as well. Our pets are valued members of the family, and we look after them almost the way we would our own children.

But how welcoming and safe are our homes for our pets exactly? Sometimes, no matter how much we care for them, there are certain things that we might be overlooking or taking for granted that might actually be harmful to our pets.

These unknown dangers can be very mundane, so read on to find out how you can make your home truly pet safe.

Candles, incense, diffusers

There is nothing like relaxing in your living room while the warm glow of your favorite scented candle keeps you company. Aromatherapy is known to help people’s physical and emotional well-being, so lighting those scents is perfectly understandable.

There are scents as well that have actual functions, like citronella against mosquitoes. That’s why many homes light incense to either put those bugs at bay or just clean the room’s energy. Others use oil diffusers that may or may not have humidifying effects.

Unfortunately, however, for all the benefits of aromatherapy, they can actually be harmful to our pets. Exposure to high concentrations of essential oils can potentially pose dangers to our pets.

So how can we humans make the most out of aromatherapy while also looking after our pets’ well-being? The solution lies somewhere in between.

You could choose to turn on your essential oil diffuser in an enclosed space that your dog or cat cannot get into. The danger really varies depending on the oil and the amount of exposure. Humans can benefit from these oils, so just make sure that you use them in spaces that won’t expose your pets to them.

The Backyard

The backyard is a place where you and your family can have fun. Your pets are often in on it, too. It’s a space where they can run, frolic, and explore. But like children, pets need to be supervised while doing these outside activities. There are many benefits to going out, but there are also many dangers.

home backyard

One such danger is swimming pools. Sure, some dogs can swim, but they may not be capable of getting themselves out in case of an accidental fall into the water. That is why you have to make sure that you install a swimming pool fence around your pool. It protects not only your pets but young children, too. It also prevents wild animals from entering the space and falling into the pool, potentially contaminating your pool water.

Another danger is your garden. Flowers certainly add beauty to your backyard, and growing your vegetables can help you and your family have healthier diets. There are plants and flowers, though, that might be toxic to dogs. It’s best to research and identify which of these plants are a risk to your pets, so you can either block them or take them out altogether.

Inside the House

Things may seem safer inside your home, but there are also threats. Similar to your garden, your houseplants could be a concern. Nothing livens up an indoor space like a bunch of indoor houseplants, but you have to make sure that the species you’re raising are safe for your pets. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has an extensive guide on which plants are harmful or safe for cats and dogs. You could also refer to this guide for your garden plants.

Finally, it’s also essential to make sure that we’re not exposing our pets to food that can harm them. From chocolate to macadamia nuts, certain types of food are part of our every day but are actually bad for animals. We may be laying them out around the house unattended, unknowingly giving our curious dogs to chance to try them.

It’s important to understand that having a pet inside the house is kind of like having a young child. Like babies and toddlers, pets can’t discern between safety and danger, and their abounding curiosity, while wonderful, can get them into really hazardous situations.

As the adults of the house, it’s our role to supervise and look after them. We talk a lot about how to build a wonderful home for our families in this blog, but here’s another thing to keep in mind: In keeping your home, make sure that you’re also looking after the welfare of your canine and feline family members.

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