Chic Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

Home improvements are a big thing during the crisis. Sheltering in place gave people more reasons to make improvements in their homes. This is not only because they want their home to fit their new lifestyle better. The fact that they are spending more time indoors gave them enough time to assess their house. Some are simply dissatisfied with their home, which led them to invest in certain home improvements.

Some want to improve their property before selling them. According to reports, up to 75% have money saved up for home improvements. But even with a budget for home improvement, some homeowners cannot invest in their dream home improvement projects due to budget restrictions.

Thankfully, you don’t necessarily need to splurge and use all of your savings just to improve your home. Even the simplest and cheapest projects can make your home chic and more beautiful. Here are some options you can consider doing.

Treat Your Windows Right

The right window treatment can help you transform your windows and add a chic vibe to your home in no time. Thankfully, you have lots of options when it comes to window treatments. If you are tired of your heavy curtains, you can consider a modern roller shade for each of your windows instead.

Roller shades or blinds are composed of fabric tucked neatly in a rod. This allows you to enjoy the view of your outdoors while giving you that dark environment when you wish to sleep. These can help make your windows look sleek and sophisticated.

Some companies offer a variety of roller shades. You can choose the fabric of your choice and let the pros install them for you. You can even choose the motorized version, allowing you to experience the convenience and automated programming when you need it.

Change Your Lights in Your Front Yard

One great way to brighten any home is to add a little bit more lighting. We often focus on buying the best lights for indoor use. But how about your front yard?

Lighting up your front yard gives your curb appeal a boost. This helps make your home feel less spooky while improving how your neighbors view your home. This also helps improve your home’s safety by letting you see where you are walking and improving the view from your yard.

Add outdoor lights near your entryway, your driveway, and your garage. Invest in landscape lighting and show off your favorite parts of your landscape. As much as possible, use LED and solar lights to brighten up your yard.

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Think About the Small Details

Sometimes, all your home needs are a few small touches here and there. You might not be financially ready to buy the latest home systems in the market. But you will surely enjoy buying the small things that can quickly turn your home upside down.

Replacing old fixtures with new ones can instantly add a dash of personality to your home. Replace old doorknobs, cabinet pulls, and light switches with new ones. You can play with your options depending on the look of your home.

Don’t forget about the small things outside your home. This can include your house number and mailbox. Fix them up with paint or replace them as needed.

Redeem Your Walls

A tacky wall does more than just make your home undesirable. This can also impact its value. If you want better walls that can boost home value, go for walls that most buyers will feel like they have a connection with.

Neutral and warm colors are a favorite of buyers. The space will look bigger and brighter with walls painted in neutral colors. You also have the option to use wallpapers if painting the house is not your thing.

You also have the option to create an accent wall. Using paint and other materials adds texture and dimension to your home. You just need to find a nice color to make one of your walls pop.

If you have a blank kitchen wall, consider installing a backsplash. This will make cleaning up after oil and water easier. This also adds life to your boring kitchen walls near your counter and sink.

You can also consider investing in wainscoting. This is a type of wall paneling that covers the lower portion of your walls. You can enjoy numerous designs and styles, making it easy to find one that will best suit your style.

These projects are a lot cheaper compared to other home improvements. This shows that you don’t necessarily need to turn to the more expensive projects just to improve your home. All it takes is a bit of creativity to think of projects that will make your home look better than before.

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