Ways to Protect Your Home’s Outdoor Structures

One of the best things about having a big yard is getting the chance to add outdoor structures to your home. Everyone wants a paradise of their own. Outdoor structures are the perfect house additions that provide an outdoor space to relax and spend time with loved ones.

Obviously, you’d want a yard that can become a family-friendly oasis. But if you have outdoor structures, and they are starting to show age, you’d better repair them before they create any damage.

Maintaining outdoor structures can be time-consuming. With these tips, you can consider it an easy task.

Before Anything Else

Before you do anything, consider the three components of a well-designed yard. According to Timber Home Living magazine, these are the private, service, and public areas. It’s important to note them because they will give you an idea of what purpose each area has. By knowing this, you’ll find it easier to decorate, design, maintain, and repair each outdoor structure.

The private areas are where you want to spend time without worrying about the neighbors. It’s where you want to put objects that will help you relax and be happy. It’s where you want to be with your family outside the house but still within your property. Typically, this could be the deck, patio, or pool area.

The public areas are where you want to showcase your lawn’s beauty. It’s what the neighbors see and perhaps envy.

The service areas, on the other hand, are somewhere in between. Neighbors can’t see it, but it can be accessed from the garage or driveway. It’s often where utility stuff is stored or hidden.

Now that you know these three, you can start with your outdoor structure maintenance.


Many houses, even those without a big yard, haveĀ a patio. A well-designed and maintained one could become an asset to your landscape. How can you achieve this?

Considering patios are private areas, use embellishments and accessories that will create a relaxing environment. To get this feeling, make this space homely and alive. Install garden art, birdbaths, plants, a hammock or swing, and comfy patio furniture. Be practical with these additions by simply taking them from different parts of your house.

For its surface, steer clear of natural flagstones, bricks, and concrete pavers, which can be costly. Instead, use pea gravel or crushed stone. They are good options because you can use them as base material should you decide to upgrade to a more expensive patio surface.

If you want, try unconventional but environmentally friendly material. Concrete from a demolished patio or driveway can become an economical solution as a patio surface. Break them into pieces before putting them on your patio.

Applying these tips can make it easier to maintain your patio. Practical embellishments are easy to move around whenever you feel like redesigning. Economical surfaces, meanwhile, are easy to upgrade.

outdoor patio


Homes with a deck are actually more attractive to buyers than those without. If you love entertaining guests outdoors, you might also feel the same way. No wonder you have a deck at home, too.

A deck is also a private area. Aside from using it as a place to entertain guests, it’s also an ideal family-centered area. It’s where you can spend quality time with your kids or spouse. You can also host parties in a deck. These reasons always convince you to give it regular maintenance. You just don’t know how yet.

Decks are often made of wood. If yours is, apply deck waterproofing to protect it from the elements. The deck is always exposed to the sun, snow, and water. This makes it more vulnerable to weather-related damages. Untreated wood decks can cost you more in the long run.

To provide more protection, you can add a roof to your deck. You can install permanent roofing or add a temporary shade.

Make your deck more inviting by putting in benches and a fire pit or fireplace.

Trellis and Pergola

A trellis or a pergola with trellis are often treated simply as garden accents. However, proper care can make them beautiful additions to any yard. They add character by defining a pathway, emphasizing an entryway, or enclosing a place for privacy.

Although these outdoor structures provide a sense of privacy, they are considered service areas. They are somewhere between a public and private area. This, however, makes them more interesting.

If you have one of these at home, you’ll notice that they are prone to cuts. Beam posts are often victims of these cuts. If you have a wooden or metal-based pergola or trellis, applying putty on the cuts can refinish them.

You’ll also notice fasteners on pergolas and trellises can create stains on them. While you can’t remove those stains, you can prevent them from worsening. Use aluminum or stainless steel fasteners instead.

Make the Outdoors Inviting Again

Maintenance doesn’t have to be a burden. You can make your outdoor structures inviting again by adding a few simple adjustments and applying proper care.

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