Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips: How to Prevent Damage and Make it Last

Every homeowner dreams of having hardwood floors and for a good reason. The popular surface covering is more durable compared to other types of materials. It also will never go out of style despite decades of use.

However, hardwood floors will not be easy to maintain. Although the material is dense, it can sustain damage from regular activities, including walking, eating, and moving furniture.

What can you do to make your hardwood floors look pristine as long as possible? Follow these tips.

Shield it from the Sun

Keeping your windows open may be damaging your precious hardwood floors. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, which comes from the sun, hardwood floors, or wood floors in general, could fade and may even warp.

You cannot live in darkness forever. To protect your hardwood floors from the damaging effects of sunlight, consider installing a covering or shield to your window. There are several modern window treatments that you can choose from depending on the amount of sun your home gets throughout the year or the style of your home’s interior.

Controlling the sunlight that enters the room during the day will also prevent your furniture from losing vibrancy and potentially lower your electric bills by keeping excess heat out during warm months.

Lift, Not Drag, Furniture

Your efforts to re-design the room by moving or switching pieces of furniture are leaving visible scratches on your hardwood floor. When you have to move your couch or dresser to the other side of the room, remember to lift it up, not drag it. If you have to, ask a family member or friend to help you out.

Dragging heavy items on your hardwood floor will cause permanent marks that will be difficult to mask or remove.

You can also use felt pads that you can stick on the bottom of the legs of your chairs and tables. It will prevent scratches from appearing on your hardwood floors.

walkway of a house

No Shoes Inside

The sharp heels of your designer shoes are not good for your hardwood floors, either. As soon as you get home, change your footwear before you start walking around the house. A pair of padded slippers that are much nicer to your surface coverings.

It will also stop you from bringing dirt, debris, and illness-causing pathogens into your home.

Clean the Right Way

By now, you probably have realized that anything abrasive can damage your hardwood floors. When cleaning, avoid using anything rough to remove dust and dirt.

You can use the vacuum cleaner, but not the beater bar attachment that comes with the unit. It will only cause damage to hardwood floors. The floor brush attachment may be a lot milder. A dust mop will also sweep away any dirt that has settled on the flooring material without leaving any damage.

For a deeper clean, you will need a commercial liquid cleaner made for wood. You can make your own by mixing vinegar, warm water, and a drop of castile soap. To add a bit of shine, you can infuse two tea bags in boiling water for a few minutes. Use a rag or a sponge to apply the solution gently. To rinse, wipe with a clean damp mop.

Having hardwood floors may be a lot of work to maintain. However, with proper care, the material can last for several decades.

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