Essential Items for Independent College Students

College students are usually more excited about living on their own than university. And it’s not hard to see why. Independence is something young adults look forward to. They tend to regard it as something that makes them put-together, mature, and reliable.

But if you haven’t been guided on what to expect about independent living, you might find yourself in a mess — literally. Your study materials are all over the place, you have no idea where to put your laundry, and your meals are nothing but unhealthy takeouts.

Such a cluttered space doesn’t do a prime condo for sale justice. Hence, before leaving home, stock up on these essentials and make your life easier:

1. Storage Items

Condos designed for college students are typically small, which means they’re short on storage. Solve that by bringing in lots of storage items, from plastic boxes to food racks to mesh pouches. Be sure to have the boxes in different sizes so that you can sort your things systematically.

The food rack is for storing your snacks and condiments. But you can also use that in your bathroom to organize your toiletries. The mesh pouch, meanwhile, can house your toothpaste, skincare products, and feminine essentials.

2. Stainless Steel Food Containers

You’re probably thinking of just getting the disposable ones to save yourself time on cleaning, but at this age, you should already be more conscious about your carbon footprints. The world is already accumulating enough waste; do your part and go for reusable items.

A stainless steel food container isn’t just sleek, but also lightweight enough that you can bring it to restaurants to order takeout. And they’re easier to wash than plastic.

3. Mini Fridge

There are heaps of affordable mini-fridges available online and in stores. However, a basic one may stick out like a sore thumb in your well-decorated space. But cuter ones don’t always break the bank, either. Just choose one that fits all your needs, is high-quality, and long-lasting.

4. Waffle Maker

Breakfasts won’t be boring anymore if you can make waffles! If you have roommates, then making them might be even more fun.

5. Study and Laptop Desk

If there’s enough space in your bedroom or living area, you can squeeze in a study desk in a corner, and have all your school materials organized in there. Choose one with drawers to keep your papers and other clutter hidden. But if there isn’t enough room, a laptop desk can suffice; at least, it’ll allow you to improve your posture while typing on your bed.

6. Alarm Clock

Not our favorite item, but if it’s quirky enough, then you might look forward to your mornings. No, this isn’t the one that would force you to stand up before turning off.

There are alarm clocks that are compact and minimalist in style, a hybrid one that shows the weather forecast and one that you can flip over to silence. Whatever your taste and playfulness levels are, there is an alarm clock perfect for you.

7. Desk Lamp

study table

Like your alarm clock, your desk lamp doesn’t have to be boring, too. A lot of unique ones are available online, such as a glass globe one that fits an industrial aesthetic, a cat-shaped one perfect for none other than cat-lovers, and minimalists ones that are always practical and in-style.

8. Mini Ironing Board

The lack of a closet may render your clothes crumpled, so you’d need a trusty little ironing board to solve that. Its size makes it easy to store; tuck it in between a tall cabinet and a wall, and you’re good.

These must-haves will prep you for complete independence and adulthood, and will also teach you to be more organized, responsible, and industrious. Use them well, and you might find yourself ready to own a bigger home in no time.

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