Coronavirus Quarantine: The Things You Can Do While You’re in Isolation at Home

No thanks to the coronavirus, schools have been shut down, most businesses and workplaces have been temporarily suspended, concerts and events have been canceled, and coming together is discouraged.

The only option you now have is to stay at home and isolate yourself from everyone as a means of preventing the virus from spreading even more. So while you’re stuck at home, we have listed a few things that could keep you occupied for the next couple of weeks.

14 Things You Can Do at Home While in Quarantine

1. Catch up on some reading.

With all the time you have during the quarantine period, you can no longer say you don’t have the time to read those books you bought from last year.

2. Get some spring cleaning done.

The timing might be a bit off but since you’re already at home for the next few weeks, you might as well get around to doing your spring cleaning.

3. Watch that series or movie you’ve always wanted to watch but never had time.

Remember that blockbuster from last summer that you’ve always wanted to watch? Or that series on Netflix you’ve heard so much about? Now’s the perfect time for binge-watching.

4. Learn to prepare a few new dishes.

Go online and look up some interesting recipes that you can try out at home. Just make sure you have the ingredients at home before making them.

5. Play with the kids.

One of the most beautiful things about this quarantine is it frees up your schedule to spend more time with your family. Make the most of this opportunity.

6. Start a blog or a vlog.

Whether you intend to keep it as a personal avenue for expression or want to monetize, starting a blog or a vlog is a great way of passing the time.

7. Learn a new language.

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language but kept putting it off? Now’s your chance.

8. Take online classes.

Whoever said you can’t be productive even during your downtime? There are a lot of online and virtual classes for you to choose from. Increase your market value by learning something new.

9. Pick up a new hobby.

crafts hobby

Learn how to play the guitar or draw comic strips or put together a scale model of your city. Whatever it is, whether you intend to keep it as a hobby or make money off it, acquiring a new hobby is always fun.

10. Talk to your friends and family.

Over the phone, of course. Or via Facetime. Since you can’t get together physically with your loved ones, you can always keep in touch through virtual chat rooms and phone calls.

11. Fix broken things around the house.

Set aside time to go around and inspect your home. Check if your roof needs leaf gutter protection and work on it. Pipes leaking? Fix it. Busted lights? Replace them. You get the idea.

12. Work on a vision board.

Write down your visions and your goals in life and put together a vision board to remind you of your dreams and help keep you on track to reaching them.

13. Download TikTok and start making videos.

Yes. You read it right. TikTok provides the young at heart with a means to kill time amusingly. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

14. Take the time to reflect.

Perhaps the best thing about this quarantine is that it gives you the chance to slow down and evaluate your life — how it has been and which direction you’re going in. Set aside time daily to meditate, reflect, and pray about your concerns. Feed yourself spiritually.

While being stuck at home under the present conditions is far from ideal, we might as well make the most of our downtime. One of the best ways we can help flatten the curve of the pandemic is to stay at home.

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