Common Home Myths That Could Be Stopping You from A Much-Needed Upgrade

Making the most of your space is something everybody wants, whether you live in a high-rise apartment or a quaint space in a residential lot. Often, we settle for certain aspects of what is in our home because we’ve been told this was the best option. But there are actually simple yet super effective ways to make your home even better that you may have strayed from because of a myth. Here are some common ones you may have already heeded.

  1. Insulation is only for cold climates.

Installations built-in specifically for insulation may seem like they cater more toward homes in colder climates and chilly weather. However, insulation can help air circulation and temperature control. It helps keep the cold in when necessary and traps warmth when needed, also keeping out hot air when already adequately insulated. Insulated roofing in areas like Brisbane is already being built into new properties and offered as additions into existent spaces. This provides layered outdoor protection that is good for especially sunny days, with materials that can also prevent the build-up of mould, corrosion, and the growth of fungi. This works for whether you are building the perfect patio or extending a room to let in some more sun and nature.

  1. Hot areas don’t need humidifiers.

Though warm mist humidifiers are the more commonly heard of variant, you can get yourself a cool-mist humidifier that is perfect for the heat. Data has shown that air conditioning can dry out your nasal passages quickly. With a cool-mist humidifier, you can clear out your sinuses without combating the cooling effect of the AC unit. And with studies showing that more than 4.6 million Aussies suffered from Hay Fever in a year, having a humidifier in the house is a great way to battle pollen and soothe any stuffy feelings.

woman working in the garden

  1. Gardens are hard to maintain.

You don’t need a green thumb to bring some nature into your home. With a permit, you can even add in your herb or veggie and fruit garden. This not only provides a solid recreational activity that can relax your mind but also gives you fresher ingredients for cooking that can even save you some money and trips to the market. Additionally, you can be even more eco-friendly and create a compost pit.

Ask your local greenhouse or florist about any seedling that you can easily maintain and eventually plant, depending on your lifestyle. If you don’t have an adequate garden space, you can still have a planter box or even a small pot of chillies or flowers that you can put around your doorways and home. Don’t forget that hanging plants are also a great way to both decorate a home and to have your plant.

Researching which plants thrive where and how best to care for them is also incredibly easy with plant suppliers, the local library, and the Internet being an overwhelming source of information.

When you’re looking to spruce up your home and garden space, feel free to ask questions. Most worries that homeowners have can either be readily resolved by a professional nearby or even with a quick search online! If you have a goal for your property, study up on it and soon you’ll see the biggest hesitations you had were not impossible for you to overcome anyway.

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