Why It’s a Good Idea to Buy a Newly-Built House

We all dream of having a house to call our own. It is one of the main goals that each person works hard to achieve. And in most cases, it is the biggest investment and expenditure the average person will have in his or her life.

There are a few ways of acquiring property. One of them is buying a newly-built home. While the other ways, such as buying a pre-owned house or renting to own, have several advantages of their own, purchasing a newly-constructed house has its own benefits.

Just a quick note: Before making any decisions, make sure you consult agents from reputable real estate firms or get in touch with some experts online from sites such as elakeside.com. Seek counsel to ensure you make the best decision possible given your circumstances.

Construction Quality

One of the best things that newly-built hoises have to offer is they are built with the latest techniques and materials available today. This means that the quality of construction is far better compared to a house that was built five or ten years ago. They also meet the latest building code standards that are enacted in your area.

New houses are likely to have the important safety features required by your state, regardless of your budget. Inspections are also conducted on new houses at no extra cost to the home buyer. Any homebuyer will have peace of mind that the house they are about to purchase meets all the safety standards set by the state. That and they don’t have to deal with the wear-and-tear typically associated with properties from the second-hand market.

Ownership Costs

While it may seem that newly-built houses are more expensive than buying older properties, there are some financial advantages to it.

One, most builders of new units pay for closing costs which takes a huge weight off a homebuyer’s shoulders. This means that buyers don’t need to shell out more cash upfront. Some builders also offer move-in packages that include appliances to lessen buyers’ worries about big item purchases.

Two, new houses are built with state of the art tech which means they include certain technologies that reduce their utility consumption. This leads to bigger savings in the long run.

And three, newly-built homes don’t require maintenance repairs and upgrades that go with buying a pre-owned unit. The buyer can move in without any worries about it, knowing that everything is in great condition for the next few years, especially since almost all newly-built houses come with warranties.

Apt Design for Today’s Lifestyle

house with pool

When it comes to designing a house, architects and designers take into consideration the lifestyle of the people who will be occupying the property.

For instance, older houses were designed to meet buyers’ needs. Back then, families preferred to have a clear distinction between rooms. It was also a time when it was acceptable to have a shared bathroom for the upstairs bedrooms.

Today, most homebuyers lean towards a more open and flowing design with no divisions between the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Houses today are at least 1,000-square-feet bigger than older residences with most homes having private baths for the owners. They also have bigger and more spacious kitchens since the kitchen is now considered the new center of the home.

When you choose to purchase a new home, you have the luxury of choosing a floor plan that is suitable to your lifestyle. This saves you from the stress of having remodeling and renovation projects that typically go with buying an existing property.

Energy Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, newly-built homes have the advantage of modern technologies that allow homeowners to reduce their energy consumption. A lot of these new homes have appliances with Energy Star ratings that lower your bills giving you large savings in the long run.

On top of that, most new homes are built with energy efficiency in mind. A lot of builders and contractors have jumped on the Green Movement bandwagon and have made energy efficiency one of their primary considerations.

If you’re considering buying a new house, you may use the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index to find out more about a house’s energy efficiency.

If you’re looking to buy a property but can’t decide if you’ll go for a brand new house or a pre-owned unit, we hope that you found this article helpful. Weigh your options carefully and make an informed decision so you don’t end up regretting it. After all, you want to make sure you get what your hard-earned money is worth.

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