Bigger On The Inside: Making Your Rooms Look Larger

People like living in large homes. The space it can give them is always satisfying. It is the feeling that they provide that is so relaxing. But not everyone is fortunate to buy a big house. If your home is a small one, you can take steps to improve how your home looks. Here are some changes that will ensure that the rooms in your house are more welcoming and look more spacious than they are.

Get Organized

One thing that you’ll notice is that when your rooms are a mess, they look a lot smaller. This is because of all the improperly used space. Clutter eats up space in your rooms, and that does not look good, especially in the public areas. If you want to make your rooms look larger, then cleaning things up will increase the space available to you.

One way to properly organize things is to have dedicated storage spaces. Instead of having your mess in public, you can put away the various items you leave out. You should follow the simple cantaloupe rule. If an item is smaller than a cantaloupe and is not used regularly, you should be putting it away somewhere out of sight. A convenient cupboard or a cabinet is the usual destination. But your attic or even garage can be also useful places. Buy some plastic boxes so that you can adequately store items since cardboard boxes are flimsy and are not waterproof.

Proper Lighting

Another excellent way to make it look like you have more space is to improve the lighting in your house. Dark and shadowy rooms make the room feel smaller and hide all the space that there is. People don’t notice the space that is there because they can’t see it. There are a couple of ways to resolve this.

During the day, you’ll need to bring as much natural light as possible. The best way to do this is to fix your windows and their settings. For example, if it has thick curtains, you should consider replacing them with something more transparent. You can also think about making the window bigger or adding new ones. These should help to allow more light in.

At night, you’ll need to depend on artificial lighting. Several lighting options will work well for you. But the best ones are LED since they are the brightest and most cost-efficient. It would be best if you considered their placement, too. For example, LED wall packs are great since they allow for maximum coverage with just a small footprint.

living room setup

Use A Good Layout

Badly arranged furniture can make it seem like your rooms are cramped. If your guests are always bumping into the furniture, this will make them notice how small space is. To help with that, you need to be much smarter about the layout of your room. The best idea to use is to put all the larger furniture pieces to the side. This leaves the middle of the room empty.

You should also consider the size of the furniture you will be buying. If it is too large, it will take up too much space. If you do get larger pieces, ensure that they can be multi-functional. For example, a bed frame with drawers on it provides a great sleeping space with additional storage options.

The Right Color Choices

The right color can also greatly affect how people view a room. This effect is better when the entire room shares the same color. Darker and warmer colors make a room feel intimate and cozy. You want to use this if you feel the room is too big or the room is for private affairs. But if you want a room to be welcoming, you’ll want light and cool colors. This means pastels and whites. Light blue is a favorite color to make a room feel larger.

The best method to implement this is to start with the walls and move on to the main pieces of furniture. Choose a paint or wallpaper that is light in color; then your furniture should have upholstery that matches. This ensures that this spaciousness is consistent with the entire room. Blues and greens are the best colors available for this effect. Pair the color with some light, airy fabrics and good lighting to get the maximum results.

Smart organizing and little improvements can do a lot for your house. Even without major renovations, you should be able to make your home feel larger and more accommodating. Implement these changes now and see what difference they can make.

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