7 Spring DIY Projects to Improve Your Home

If you’ve always wanted to spruce up your house without the extensive costs and time of an entire renovation, you can easily do it yourself if you’re willing to put in a bit of work. There are many DIY home improvement projects you can tackle that can help you transform your property — no general contractors required.

That said, here are some of the best and easy to do DIY home projects you can tackle and finish over the weekend, helping you spruce up your home without losing precious time — and savings.

Organizing Your Home

A DIY home improvement task that doesn’t need tools or costs but can make a massive difference in your home is decluttering or organizing your home. You can start with your closet. Just like you’d do before moving houses, clean out your closet entirely and sort all the clothes and items you need into piles that you want to keep, toss, and donate.

Meanwhile, decluttering the garage is also a great choice, giving you more space inside your house. You can have your large equipment and other items you rarely use but don’t want to throw away stored in custom storage buildings to keep these belongings safe and your home clutter-free.

Natural Improvements

A fun home improvement project you can do in just a few hours is adding indoor plants and flowers throughout your home. Even the simplest of potted plants can freshen the air and look of any room. You can build a plant wall or simply place a couple of indoor plants in your house. If you’re not used to taking care of plants or flowers, go for ones that require minimal maintenance.

Freshen Up the Space With Paint Inside and Out

A typical and doable home improvement project you can do over the weekend is painting your home’s interior and exterior. If you like painted surfaces rather than wallpapers, you’d be surprised by how easy it is to paint a room independently. However, the only thing you need to invest in is time, as painting often takes time and requires utmost attention for the best results. You can speed up the process by preparing everything beforehand, freeing you from a tedious cleanup process afterward.

Meanwhile, when it comes to your exterior, whether it shingles or stones, updating the outside of your house can boost the curb appeal of your home. When painting, make sure to pick a bold accent color that works well with your exterior while standing out among the rest, giving certain parts, like the door, a bit of the spotlight.

Rejuvenate the Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are one of the most common improvement projects homeowners invest in, but if you’re no in the position to pay for the task, you can always do it yourself. You can easily upgrade bathroom hardware and fixtures. For instance, when replacing the bathroom cabinet pulls, all you need to do is pick new ones that can fit into the same holes.

Update Old Floorings

kitchen interior

Worn out and old floorings can break a whole room’s aesthetic appeal. Luckily, with a bit of re-sanding, polishing, painting, and finishing, you can make your floors look and feel brand new. Whether you have beat up hardwood floorings or an old carpet, a bit of measuring and a couple of hours of work over the weekend can help you transform any space in your house with ease.

Get Smart

Technology has paved the way for tons of home improvement, so why not take advantage of it and make your home a little ‘smarter’ by investing in smarter features and incorporating them throughout your house. From installing self-programmable thermostats to adding security cameras, these home projects are easy to do, allowing you to make your home more functional, efficient, and modern with ease.

Turn a Closet Into an Office

If you’ve wanted an office at home but couldn’t find the money and space to do it, you can seamlessly turn your closet into a room where you can get work done. You can start by clearing the closet of your choice entirely, remove the door and hinges, and decorate as you’d wish, but don’t forget to add a desk and floating shelves for the best results. You can finish this project over the weekend, giving you a personal nook that’s ideal for productivity.

When it comes to home DIY improvement projects, sometimes, it’s the smallest changes that offer the most significant impacts — and the DIY ideas mentioned are easy to do, allowing you to update your space without devoting too much money or time. Tackle one or more of these projects to make your home more functional, stylish, and comfortable.

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