Top 5 Reasons You Should Construct a Garage This Summer

While summer can mean tons of time bonding with the kids, it can bring in a host of sorrows. Chief of which is the persistent rays of the sun. More than any season in a year, summer is when asphalt could melt under extreme heat. Worse, all those UV rays can mean bad news for your car. You might think it’s just the paint that being battered; your car engine could overheat and your AC and battery could wear out. In short, too much exposure to the sun can fry your car to a pulp from the outside.

Thank God for carports or garages. As of 2017, a survey showed that 63% of housing units in the United States have a carport or garage. In recent times, the percentage has subsequently increased. And as of now, most of the houses you find have a garage. In fact, many American houses today have two-car garages, thus making it very easy for people to keep their cars safe.

But if you’re still unsure you might be asking yourself why do you even need a garage? Does it really matter to have a garage?

Truth be told, there’s more to a garage than meets the eye. Carports aren’t just there for the aesthetics. They’re there to ensure your car lasts far longer than it should. Here’s how.

Guards Your Investment

For many people, the goal is to first have a roof over their heads. Then after that, getting a good car is next on the list.

Housing and buying cars are some substantial investments for many people. This is why car insurance is one of the most common insurances people get, with the average annual car insurance being $1592. And that’s no peanuts. What’s even more jaw-dropping is an average car costs about $35,000 in America.

It’s but logical then that with such steep investments, guarding and protecting your car a must. Putting it under a roof means you can protect it better and extend its life further.

Help Keep Your Vehicle Safe

With locked doors, you can get your car away from prying eyes in a garage. Take note even with auto alarm systems, thousands of cars are stolen in America yearly. Over 7 0,000 vehicles are lost to thieves every year. Getting an alarm system installed isn’t enough. You need a car garage to secure your car.

With a secured garage, you can rest easy your car is safe. Not easily available physically, your car can easily be stolen or even vandalized.

car entering a garage

Prevents Damage from the Elements 

Cars have been designed to withstand a lot. Talk of the cold weather in winter to the hot sun in summer. There’s also dust, dirt, bird droppings, pollen, and many more. Your car does a great job of keeping itself in top shape despite all these. But then again, your car could do with a little less of those things.

UV rays, for one, cause the paint of the car to fade very quickly. In fact, it causes the interior color of the vehicle to fade as well.

In a way, this is why car window tints are beneficial. They protect you from the sun when driving. Indeed, finding a reliable window tinting service is spot on in limiting the sun’s harmful rays, not to mention keeping you cool when on the road.

The truth is leaving your car in the driveway is making it a sitting duck for the sun’s heat. It might be looking all good, but it wouldn’t take long for your vehicle to start looking old and battered, not to mention for its engine to slow down.

Avoid your car getting damaged by all those elements by simply packing it in the garage. It goes a long way in preserving its looks.  And also reduces the amount of work you have to do to keep it looking really good.

Makes Life a Lot Easier

Another benefit you get with having a car garage is a shorter walk distance to enter your house. This might not seem like a big deal until the day you are extremely exhausted or when you have a lot of groceries to carry. Indeed, it saves you from a great deal of stress. And also, it helps you save time.

Keeps You Safe 

The truth is a garage not only keeps your car safe but also keeps you safe. Think about it. You drive into your garage and then come out from your car in your garage. If anyone wants to hurt you, they would have to come into the garage to hurt you. In short, it discourages bad elements.

At the end of the day, having a garage is keeping everything you love safe and sound — you and your family most importantly.

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