What You Can Learn From Fence Contractors

Many people put fences on their property for many reasons. Some build a fence for privacy, to keep their animals safe and some want added security.  This video will focus on a couple of things homeowners should consider BEFORE they hire fence contractors.

The experts at BAM, call out a few things all homeowners should consider before building a fence. They include the materials being used, quality construction, and the details contained in the contract.

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The homeowner must consider all the options. The best option may be minimally more expensive than a far less superior product. One example is using pine or cedar. Homeowners who choose treated pine are choosing a lesser-grade wood. Cedar is a better option as it offers ten times better quality and uses fewer pickets. The total difference in cost is around $150, and with cedar, you won’t have a product that will crack or bow at its age.

Another choice that many people make is choosing wood posts instead of metal posts and brackets. Steel is much stronger than wood, it won’t rot or bow, and the cost is only about $100 to $200 more to use steel posts.


Getting a long-lasting fence is often based on the fence contractor chosen. Quality workmanship can be apparent when the homeowner requests certain features, such as providing a level top to the fence and adding trim work on the bottom. This added step adds to the aesthetic of the fence and provides a finished look.

Also, a good contractor won’t rush the job. In most cases, the posts should be embedded in concrete and set for two days to be sure the posts are secure before building the rest of the fence.


A good contractor will have a good contract. In the best scenarios, the contractor scenario will conduct a site check and survey the property before giving an estimate or quote. After this visit, a good contractor includes all details in the contract from calling 811 before digging to defining the wood being used, the quantity, and even the type of nails used in the project.

A fence can be a great addition to a property, but when you choose an experienced contractor you will get a fence that meets your needs. Not just that, by following these suggestions, you will get a fence made with the top products and quality workmanship. You will be glad you did!


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