Top Ways to Create a Minimalist Bathroom

Applying minimalism to a bathroom essentially means trimming the space down to the essentials, which, of course, leaves little to no room for clutter or any other unnecessary items. Minimalism also involves simplifying the design of the room, trading in elaborate wallpaper or decor for clean, simple elements.

Sounds pretty simple, right? If you want to turn your bathroom into a minimalist space, here are some tips to get you started:

1. Find new bathroom products

Visit wholesale bathroom supply stores in Melbourne or any other city if you want to replace your shower, tub, sink, and toilet all in one go. Getting new plumbing fixtures gives you the freedom to choose products that have sleek designs, which are more apt for your minimalist bathroom.

2. Get rid of unnecessary products

Are you still holding on to the hotel shampoo you brought home a year ago? How about that toner that irritated your skin? Or the foundation that’s just not your shade?

Achieving a minimalist bathroom is all about paring down to the essentials. So leave only what you really need (and use every day) and either throw out or give away the things that you don’t use and will never use in the future. For items that you might use, store them in a box under the sink. You’d be delightfully surprised at how much space you can free up when you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff.

3. Paint the walls a light color

If your bathroom walls are painted with a dark color, repaint them with a lighter shade, preferably white or something close to that. Very light colors can make your bathroom exude the feeling of cleanliness, simplicity, and serenity, as opposed to dark colors or elaborate wallpapers that strain the eyes.

4. Decorate sparingly


A small indoor plant there and a simple art piece here should be enough to give your bathroom a touch of personality. Remember that minimalism is all about keeping things simple, so resist the urge to decorate the freed up space with unnecessary items. At the same time, choose decorations that are not too elaborate to stick to the minimalist theme.

5. Install a glass door

Replace your shower curtain with a glass door to make the bathroom seem bigger and more open. However, if this is not possible, simply replace your shower curtain with a plain white one.

6. Maintain cleanliness

In a minimalist bathroom with mostly white and clear surfaces, any messes can be easily spotted. That said, keep your bathroom clean to maintain the relaxing and spa-like aesthetic. Make it a habit to give your bathroom a good clean-up at the end of the day (clear the counter, wipe the mirror and sink, empty the trash bin) and always put things back to where they belong.

Turning your bathroom into a minimalist space may entail drastic changes. Nevertheless, the time, money, and effort you will invest in the project are undoubtedly worth the serene bathroom you will end up with. Not sure where to start? Choose one of these tips and move your way through the rest of the list.

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