Tips for a Seamless Cross-Country Move

In the “TOP 16 MOVING TIPS FROM PROFESSIONAL MOVER – MOVING TIPS 2022″ YouTube video, Danny Rosado, a moving expert, shares invaluable tips to simplify and streamline the moving process. The video focuses on movers in Ashburn, but features tips for movers across the country.

He begins by highlighting the significance of creating a budget list, making a moving list, and carefully weighing the pros and cons of hiring professional movers. Rosado advises sending out utility notices ahead of the move and suggests packing an essential tote with immediate-use items upon arrival.

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He recommends using labeled boxes with different colors, ensuring they are appropriately packed with the right size and padding.

Rosado offers space-saving tips, such as rolling up clothes and utilizing bins. He emphasizes the importance of furniture reassembly at the new location, suggesting taking photos and labeling pieces. Other tips include keeping hazardous materials separate, adequately packing kitchen appliances, wrapping liquid bottles, and packing jewelry in small boxes.

He also advocates for creating a chart, labeling boxes with contents, and employing efficient packing methods, such as using thicker boxes, garbage bags, and vacuuming air out of bags. Overall, these professional moving tips aim to save time, effort, and prevent potential damage during the moving process. In a later section, Rosado provides advice on labeling and organizing boxes for easy identification and unpacking, emphasizing the importance of proper box labeling to save time and avoid frustration during the move.


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