Professional Home Services You Should Invest in Before Winter

Home maintenance is a year-long responsibility that every homeowner has. And while most of your average Joes and Janes take pride in being handy, some home maintenance tasks are better suited to be handled by professionals.

You can always show your skills by decluttering and doing some basic repairs. Shopping for repair supplies online can also be a good way to prove that you are capable. Some companies offer special discounts during the holiday season, like

You can check them out and assert your financial wit in that aspect. However, planning to beat the system and go DIY-ing most home maintenance requirements might not be the financially wisest path to take. It could end up causing you more expenses in the long run and could potentially endanger your and your family’s lives.

With that in mind, here are the seven kinds of professional home services you should invest in before winter comes.

HVAC System Inspection

You can always change furnace filters and vacuum vents on your own to lessen your expenses. But the overall HVAC system inspections should be done by professionals. Technicians would be able to notice potential problems you wouldn’t normally spot on your own.

This means the problems could be fixed before they become more damaging. A full inspection can also check the efficiency of your HVAC system, ensuring an optimal performance that would lead to smaller utility bills, especially during the winter.

Pest Control Inspection

pest control

Contrary to popular belief, pest control in winter is not a waste of money. Most people think that pests like rodents, cockroaches, termites, ticks, and other parasites hibernate during the winter. However, unlike bears, that’s not the case for them.

They will avoid the dangers of the cold outside and be more active inside your home instead. They might hide around your attic and basement, trying to be cozy and warm, but that doesn’t nullify the dangers they carry.

And since pest control requires toxic chemicals, handling it on your own is risky. The chemicals can cause more harm to your family when inhaled, and the whole process might also endanger your furniture and appliances. Most importantly, letting professional exterminators handle the job means fewer chances of eggs getting left behind—100% eradication.

Mold Inspection and Removal

Since mold thrives in moist and hot seasons, mold removal is better done during winter. And while a small area like your bathroom can easily be cleared from mold on your own, mold remediation for your whole house is another story better left to be told by professionals.

Mold exposure might cause various health problems such as respiratory infections and fungal infections. Exposure to the chemicals used to eliminate mold might also be dangerous to you and your family.

And lastly, mold infestations treated by professionals usually involve the prevention of recurrence, which can save a lot of money in the long run.

Plumbing Check-ups and Repairs

Plumbing is a very complex system. It appears simple, yet complications in your plumbing can lead to many risks that might endanger your family. Clogged and improperly insulated pipes might burst due. To the harsh temperatures of winter.

This might lead to more infrastructural problems than you could handle. Clogged and leaking pipes might also cause mold emergence and corrosion. And if there’s contaminated water involved, infrastructural problems would be the least of your concerns.

With the help of professional plumbing experts, the inspection, repair, and fortification of your plumbing will be more efficient and effective.

Electrical System Check-up and Repairs

This one is easily understandable. Electricity is dangerous. Unless you’re an electrician, repairing outlets, home wiring, and all the other electric-related problems in your house should be left to professionals. Handling them on your own can be harmful to you, your family, and your home.

Septic Tank Cleanup

Septic tank maintenance is important all year long. However, winter’s harsh weather might affect your septic system and freeze it up. Since greases, fats, and oils tend to solidify in colder temperatures, septic clogging is possible. So scheduling a pumping as soon as possible is necessary, especially if your tank hasn’t been pumped in a couple of years.

Ice Dams Inspection

Ice formations at the edge of your roof are called ice dams. They usually stop the melted snow accumulated on the roof from being drained off the gutters, causing the water to leak into ceilings and walls instead. The damp caused by ice dams can lead to mildew and mold growth and weaken the house’s support structures.

Although removing snow and ice dams on your roof can be done on your own, the danger that the slippery surfaces bring is not something you can shrug off. It’s also more likely for your roof to get damaged if you don’t hire professional assistance. And that can lead to other financially draining problems.

The Bottom Line

It’s understandable how homeowners take pride in being capable of maintaining their houses on their own. However, if you want to be practical, safe, and financially wise, getting the help of professionals is always the better option.

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