Pandemic Gardening: What to Avoid with Your New Sustainable Hobby

The pandemic had people sheltering in place. This caused some people to lose their jobs and their business for good. Many are now stressed out and are frustrated trying to think of ways to supplement their lost income. Even those who are not financially affected by the pandemic are still experiencing high levels of stress. But one good outcome from the crisis is that more people are loving the idea of keeping and growing plants.

Why the Gardening Industry Blooms amid the Crisis

Ever since the pandemic, people have been looking for ways to deal with the stress of staying most of the time indoors. Since the virus is not a threat to be taken lightly, most people try their best to cope. They had to think of other ways to keep their family healthy, their kids engaged, and themselves sane.

As family members now stay in the same living space for most hours of the day, one can easily get bored and feel frustrated. This is especially true if you now run the household and need to tackle childcare and work from home. Many found gardening to be an extremely satisfying hobby they can pursue mid-pandemic.

Suddenly, the crisis gave birth to a new generation of people who are into plants. People around the world are now buying seeds, planting plants, and are adopting indoor plants. Homeowners who used to have little care about plants now have gorgeous yards, are out in their backyard planting vegetables and spend their precious time tending to their indoor plants.

Many people found gardening to be a soothing and sustainable hobby. Lockdowns made them realize the importance of nature, how important organic products are, and how indoor plants can contribute to better health and sanity. The gardening industry is booming, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down anytime soon.

Costly Gardening Remorse Triggers to Avoid at All Costs

Many jumped to planting their first plants without doing thorough research. Buying potted plants is different from growing your own plants and produce. If you want to be successful in gardening, you need to pay attention to the common mistakes first-timers make when growing a garden.

Gardening mistakes can leave you with a broken heart after your plant dies at an early age. These can also make you feel terrible for wasting space, energy, time, and money. The following are but a few costly mistakes you don’t want to commit while gardening your way out of the pandemic.

Planting Trees and Shrubs That Can Damage Your Plumbing System

gardening materials

Not all plants are created equal. Some trees and shrubs have the ability to grow without damaging your plumbing and structure. But some plants are known for their ability to grow deep and around your property, near your home’s foundations, pipes, and sewer systems.

Holly bushes and shrubs, boxwood shrubs, citrus trees, magnolia trees, and other plants and trees can grow strong enough roots that can penetrate your pipes and cause damages to your housing foundation. Before you choose which plant to invest in, do a bit of research. You can end up hiring local plumbing services, not because of a leaky toilet, but because the plants you planted are causing plumbing issues in your home.

Choosing Vegetables You Don’t Eat

Many people are so invested in the idea of gardening that they end up planting produce they don’t even eat. Some chose to plant easy-to-grow plants. Others like the idea of growing vegetables even if they don’t eat these themselves.

Before you choose a vegetable to plant, ask yourself if you will eat this after a successful harvest. If not, you are better off investing in other plants you actually eat or have better use for. If you already used space and invested time and energy in growing a vegetable you don’t eat, choose to give these away to your loved ones, neighbors, or the local food bank instead.

Investing in Plants Dangerous for Kids and Pets

Diving into gardening without research can make you invest in plants that are actually dangerous to your family members. If you have little kids and pets, there is a need to be extremely careful when choosing your plants. Numerous indoor and garden plants are extremely toxic.

Some plants may be beautiful to look at but can cause harm, pain, and even death. Every part of the yellow and pink oleanders, for instance, is poisonous. Cactus can hurt kids and pets if they touch these, while dumb can cause swelling and irritate the mouth. Poinsettia can cause pain and eye injuries.

Many people turned to gardening as a way to deal with their pandemic-related stress. But failure to take extra precautions before investing in this sustainable hobby can have significant consequences. Make sure to do your research before you even start your gardening project so you can avoid costly repercussions.

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