Incorporating High Ceilings in a Home’s Design

Everyone dreams of owning a home with high ceilings. It’s the ultimate way to make a home feel more elegant and luxurious, it opens up the interiors, and it’s so much easier to cool during warmer months, making it more energy-efficient.

However, we can’t deny that designing it can be challenging, especially if we don’t have the confidence to know what looks good and what makes for a functional space. If you have a residential property with high ceilings and having a hard time deciding on design and decor, here are some design ideas and tips to inspire you.

Match the floors and the ceiling

One of the best ways to make a space more cohesive while at the same time making high ceilings less intimidating is by matching the floors and the ceiling. Look into high-quality engineered timber floors and ask your contractor to match them with your ceiling’s exposed beams and treatment.

If you want to create an aesthetically pleasing blend without making it uniform, you can opt for different colours, like a white ceiling and unpainted hardwood floors. This design choice will look exceptionally well with a monochromatic and natural colour palette, making the interiors look more trendy and modern.

Make sure artworks are hung up high

A home with high ceilings can look like a mausoleum real quick unless you make proactive design choices. One of the first things you should consider is hanging artwork up high and using empty spaces on the highest parts of the walls. You don’t need to exclusively use paintings; you can explore gallery-style ways to hang pieces of art. Some styles include filling the whole wall with different frames and pieces—make sure to follow guidelines on how to hang frames properly so that there is an asymmetry to your gallery-style wall.

Maximise the architectural details

Victorian style bedroom

If your property has high ceilings, then chances are there are already some naturally gorgeous architectural details that can add character to your interiors, such as exposed beams or beadboard. If yours don’t come with these details, consider incorporating them. You might incur additional expenses, but adding these details will help make your ceiling feel much more included and connected to the rest of the room. These details will also help add more character and depth to your space.

Make use of windows properly

This might seem like a strange rule, but a rule of thumb is to always hang your curtains or drapes at ceiling height, regardless of how tall your windows are. This is because if you bring your curtains or drapes any lower, you unintentionally establish a division in the high walls, making the upper area of the space appear isolated and cold. This might require bigger drapes or curtains than usual, but it will make your space look much better. Avoid using fabrics with patterns or extremely vibrant colours because a curtain of this scale might be too overwhelming to the eyes.

Magnify a statement light fixture

When it comes to decorating a space with high ceilings, remember that one of your goals is to connect the lower and upper portions of the space. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in a statement light fixture like a crystal chandelier or a hanging light fixture that looks like a massive art installation piece. Where you hang the piece will vary from room to room, but a general rule is to centre it in the middle of the space or over a long dining table. Find a chandelier or a fixture that is larger but won’t look like it’s taking up all the space or something that looks heavy.

Make shelves a part of the strategy

When you have so much space, one of the things you need to consider is storage and shelving. Shelving and storage are crucial to ensuring that an otherwise empty wall space will be occupied in a way that adds not just function but also elegance to the room. Some of your options include tall bookcases with a tall sliding ladder, and you can also incorporate a cosy reading nook somewhere in the room. However, when organising these shelves, don’t forget to add balance and symmetry to them by incorporating jars, picture frames, and other decorative elements—not just books.

Having a home with high ceilings can be a dream come true, but it can also be challenging to design and decorate. Give yourself less stress by following these rules so that you can fully enjoy designing your new home.

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