How to Keep Your Construction Site Secure and Safe

Increasing safety at job sites should be prioritized. Create an environment set up for not only success but to keep things neat and organized, protected from vandals, and to keep workers from injuring themselves. Check out these tips to put in action during jobs.

Site leaders should get familiar with the neighboring properties and the neighbors in general. They’ll be passing by routinely and likely don’t want to hear loud noises when they’re sleeping or have unsightly views while the project is going on.

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Increase security of the site with temporary panel-style fencing around the perimeter. This minimizes views, discourages unauthorized entry, and can serve as a place to post a company sign with your name and phone number. In addition to free advertising, neighbors have someone to call in case they see a situation or have noise issues, etc.

Construction security towers are an excellent place to install temporary lights to illuminate the work site, especially a few directed at the entry and exit points. This allows workers to access the site even after dusk. You can also install digital security cameras on these towers that allow for 24/7 monitoring of the entire property. These make potential intruders think twice before attempting to vandalize or steal from the construction site.

Avoid overstocking materials that can be tempting for thieves and also pose hazards to workers on the site. For smaller tools and expensive small parts, have a few heavy-duty, lockable cabinets and boxes for convenient storage.


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