Home Makeovers On A Budget: What You Can Do

When people think of home renovations, they often think of expensive changes that overhaul everything. But small changes can be just as effective, and you don’t have to spend that much. Such improvements can also get you a lot of value for a small investment. Here are some of the potential changes that you should do to your home.

Adding Storage Space

Your home could always need a bit more storage space. This can come in various forms. If you want more things to put in your kitchen, a few kitchen cabinets should be easy to commission. You can make your own if you know the basics. There are other storage options in different rooms. Simple shelving can give you more places to put items on. If you have a small closet somewhere, these shelves can be a big boost. Additionally, all you need is some wood and a few nails.

Cover Up The Walls

Bare walls can be depressing. While you can paint them, you might want to get something fancier. The usual approach is to get some wallpaper. You can get some in various designs that could make a room unique. But there are other coverings for walls. For example, you can get wooden panels that make your walls look like they are built from wood. Another option would be to put up fake stone veneers. These are more affordable and can help make your house look a lot fancier.

Change The Counter Top

If your kitchen countertop looks a bit small or it looks battered, then you might need to update it. Changing it for an expensive material depending on the size of the counter can be worth it. For example, a few feet of granite can be affordable. This is a good investment since it will last a long time. It will also ensure that you have a solid surface for food preparation.

Replace With New Tiles

Your bathroom may need something to brighten it up a bit. The tiles in it could be grimy and old. Some might even be damaged. Replacing the tiles should be simple enough and won’t be that expensive. It can be even more affordable if you do it yourself. There are several DIY tutorials available online, and it should be easy to do the job on your own. As for the tiles, choose the ones that could brighten up the room.

renovated house

Update The Flooring

Don’t stop in the bathroom. It would be best if you also did some updating of the flooring in other parts of your house. You might consider changing out the carpeting or refurbishing the hardwood flooring. Both should be simple to do. Tearing up the old carpeting is easy, and lay down your new carpet. For wooden flooring, you need to sand out all the imperfections. You can then apply varnish again.

Change Some Hardware

Various fixtures around your home might need replacements. This can range from doorknobs to faucets. Replacing them with something more modern can make them look better. It depends on the reason for replacement. For example, if you want to save water, you might want to look into getting more efficient faucets. You can also hope to get faucets that don’t leak water easily. Evaluate what fixtures in your house need changing and replace in a single day.

Install A Few Lights

Rooms will look a lot better under the right light. This is where installing some more lights can come in. If you think a room needs brightening up, you can add a few LED lights. The great thing about LEDs is that they come in various forms. One of these is in strip form. Consider installing strip lighting in some awkward areas so that some parts of the room can get better coverage.

Create A Mudroom

If you and your family live an active lifestyle, one of the big problems is the dirt they track in. You can avoid that with a simple change. A mudroom is a small area in the entryway where people can leave their shoes and other outerwear. This prevents a lot of dirt from coming in. You need a coat rack and a nice shoe rack to store indoor and outdoor shoes. Giving it separate flooring can also be a good way to separate it from the house properly.

A home renovation doesn’t need to break the bank or take too long. Some of them don’t even need experts to do it. If you can buy the materials yourself and do the labor, you can greatly reduce the price of your home makeover. With an affordable cost, you can be sure that you can make everything come out fine.

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