Embracing Tech-Free Living in a High-Tech World

In the classic Back To The Future Trilogy, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) lives the typical teenage skateboard riding life in 1985. But he had the greatest adventure of his life when his mad scientist friend Dr. Emet Brown (Christopher Lloyd) created a plutonium-powered DeLorean “time machine”.

He went to Twin Pines parking lot to make a video of Dr. Brown as he demonstrated the new invention. But in a sudden turn of events a terrorist group, who own the plutonium, showed up. And in fear of being shot at gunpoint, he had to drive the car as fast as 88 miles per hour which activated the time machine and sent him back to the year 1955.

In that period, there was no technology, and skateboards are made of scrap wood with tiny wheels used by kids as scooters. He stayed in 1955 for a week with a mission to have his parents fall in love with each other, or he vanishes from existence if he fails.

No technology was needed. Writing poems and some sweet dancing at a campus party completed his mission. He went back (or forward) to 1985 with a better family and his parents loving each other all the more.

In Part 2, Marty McFly and Doc Brown had a glimpse of the future which was 30 years from 1985. Here he saw flying cars, and flying skateboards they call “The Hoverboard”. Back to the Future 2 showed how the characters are very dependent on technology. From their clothes to weather forecasts, even to the justice system and their diners are controlled by high technology.

Coincidentally, the year in the movie was 2015, which is 6 years past from the time of this writing. There are still no flying cars, we do have the Hoverboard but it is powered by rechargeable batteries and you can ride them on wheels. But most of us show the same dependence on technology exactly how it was portrayed in Back To The Future 2.

How many of us cannot leave the house anymore without our cellular phones in our pockets or purse? Do you use GPS or an online map application while driving instead of using a printed map to find directions? How many times have you ordered your groceries online and enjoyed having them delivered to you instead of going to the store?

If these are something you can relate with and you feel that technology is something that has a mental and emotional hold on your life, then let us discuss the possibilities of still being Tech-Free in a High Tech World:

#1: Take a Break


If you are watching videos online or through your video players, one of the most powerful buttons to push is the Pause button.

The pause button allows you to get snacks, go to the toilet, prepare a meal, even do an errand and not miss a thing. As you unpause you still have an option to rewind just to review for smoother continuity of your viewing pleasure. And this same illustration can be applied as you pause from technology even for a day or a weekend.

Yes, information is fast-paced, and there is a public fear of missing a piece of information or two. But there is always an option to rewind and it is also at the push of a button. As you unpause, simply go to a search engine website, type the date and information you need to know and you will get all the awaited information.

In connection to taking a break, here is another suggestion:

#2 Go on an Off The Grid and Tech Free Weekend Vacation

“Off-the-Grid” living is described as not using and depending on utilities and electricity.

Most of us live in homes with many appliances. We want to have our house well lit, we want to eat while watching TV, and enjoy the cool breeze of our air conditioners or the warm feeling of our heater during winter.

But imagine spending a weekend welcoming the sunlight through wide-open windows, or enjoying your meals while looking at nature and hearing the birds sing, or not caring about your residential HVAC system as you enjoy the fresh air. You will not only escape the tight grip of technology, but you will also enjoy nature’s health benefits.

It is already 2021, and we do live in a high-tech world. But there will always be a way to escape, take a break and still enjoy life to the fullest.

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