Be The Boss: Shift Careers Now

Companies are laying people off, and the employment landscape is pretty bleak right now. But this can also provide you with an opportunity. In times like these, you should seriously consider going into careers where you can be your boss. It sounds risky, but you will be joining 14 million people in the US who are self-employed. You don’t even need that much training to start. Here are some lucrative jobs that also provide you with the freedom that you need and crave.

Use Your Creativity

If you can write, draw, or even make music, then you will have a good chance of becoming successful as a freelancer. There is a huge demand for a wide variety of content out there that you can help meet. For example, freelance writing is very lucrative since you can have clients from many industries. People need their website to be full of content along with their ads.

Other creative talents can also find people willing to hire them for a project. Artists and graphic designers are in high demand because of how visual our culture is. A striking image can be good enough to ensure the sales of a product or a service. You can also do work for publishers. Magazines need great layouts that will make it easy for readers to understand the articles inside while mixing in a variety of images to keep their attention.

Nowadays, being a creative artist doesn’t mean that you have to starve. Most freelance creatives have a decent income as long as they get a good reputation and have consistent clients.

Start Selling Property

If you have the gift for sales, then being a salesman can be a natural progression. There are different things that you can specialize in selling. A great product that you can sell is real estate. There is always a demand for homes. Any growing family will want a house that they can raise their children while older couples may want a place to enjoy their retirement in peace.

Becoming a real estate agent is not a simple process. For one, you need to know your state’s rules on becoming a real estate agent. Every state is different, so you need to look into yours specifically. The usual requirements involve age, education, and passing the licensing exam. You might also need to report any previous criminal history you might have.

You will also need to study. There are courses offered by real estate licensing schools that will teach you the basics. Once you finish the course, you then need to pass an exam to get a license to operate in your state. Passing the licensing exam will not automatically give you a license. You’ll still need to apply with the state’s real estate agency and pay the fee.

Now you can start getting clients in. As an agent, you can either be a seller’s agent or a buyer’s agent, representing one part of the real estate deal. Sales can be more lucrative, especially when you could receive 100 percent commission from real estate sales. Real estate is one of the more lucrative markets, but you could still earn more This can encourage you to be more aggressive when it comes to sales.

If you want to develop more, you can progress to become a realtor. Being an accredited realtor means you are a member of the National Association of Realtors and also follow a strict code of ethics. This makes you a more attractive choice when it comes to being an agent,

Enter The Food Industry

food restaurant

If you are good at cooking, then you have a potential moneymaking skill right there. People can get lazy, and they sometimes don’t want to cook anything. They also might crave a little treat. According to the CDC, one-third of adult Americans consume fast food. This can provide you with an opportunity.

You can start cooking up healthy meals at home and delivering them to customers. For people who want an alternative to unhealthy meals, offering healthy takeout meals can be a blessing. Other food industry options for self-employment are becoming professional meal preppers for families to starting a catering business. Food can be very profitable if you have the skill of making great meals.

Becoming your boss doesn’t need you to start a big business. Small operations can be just as profitable as big ones. All you need is hard work and creativity to begin. Change your life now and shake things up by becoming your boss.

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