A Guide to Home Renovations during the Pandemic

The last couple of months has seen a surge in home renovation projects as people across America get stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Courier-Journal reports that the ongoing health crisis has led many homeowners to tackle do-it-yourself home improvement projects, leading to an increased demand for tools, paint, lawn, garden goods, and treated lumber as well as cleaning supplies, security systems, and safety gear among other home improvement essentials. Some businesses experienced more prospective job quotes this year compared to last year, leaving contractors in a dilemma whether to invest in a new truck for additional crew and perhaps for the full-load transport of construction materials.

It’s not surprising that more and more Americans across the country have resorted to paying more attention to their homes. With more time on their hands and as a way to relieve pandemic stress, many find the isolation the perfect opportunity to complete the home renovation projects they’ve been putting off.

If you’re thinking of doing one or two home renovation projects yourself, here’s what you should know before taking on any project.

Assess your available supplies

Check which tools you already have. From here, think of projects that you can pull off. You’ll be surprised at the home improvement ideas that you can come up with. This way, you will also avoid having to purchase new supplies, some of which might not be readily available in stores due to COVID closures.

Borrow tools or supplies from friends

An alternative to buying new tools or supplies is borrowing them from others. If you think that you will not be using a particular device or supply in the future after completing your little home improvement project, then it will not be a wise purchase at all. Be practical. Call friends or neighbors and ask if they have the tool or supply you need, but be sure to maintain your distance.

Call your supplier ahead

Give your favorite store or contractor a heads-up if you need to buy additional tools or supplies for your project. The full-load transport of materials for delivery is operational. Still, due to recent events, there is a chance that your trusted supplier has run out of stock, causing delays in acquiring what you need. Be prepared to tweak your project or move on to another one if you encounter such difficulties.

Seek professional advice

Call your local store or contractor to get professional advice. This is most helpful if you have clarifications regarding tools and instructions. If you do not know any expert to consult, watch YouTube video tutorials. The platform offers tens of thousands of videos about DIY projects for beginners.

Use apps

Use a home improvement app to help you save time and money if you cannot consult a professional. Apps come in handy when ordering tools and supplies. Some even allow you to speak to a professional to help address your concerns.

Review Geek offers a list of the best DIY home improvement apps of 2020. This covers general repairs, planning and painting, landscaping, inspiration and shopping, and expert help. Whether you’re using iOS or Android, you can start building using your smartphone.

Leave big jobs to experts

Experts advise homeowners to stick to minor home renovation projects. Major construction work requires the specialized skills of professionals, which they have acquired through years of experience, practice, and continual learning. Complex projects such as electrical and plumbing should always be left to professional contractors. Taking on work that is beyond your knowledge and expertise can do more damage to your home, leading to more work and extra costs. Keep in mind that with the ongoing health crisis, many professionals do not provide services at the moment or offer reduced hours, so no one will likely be able to handle your concern if anything goes wrong.

Here are a few small, in-home projects that experts recommend:

painting the walls

  • Painting (dressers, kitchen cupboards, front doors, countertops, closets, accent walls, and rooms)
  • Wallpaper installations
  • Gardening
  • Patio upgrades
  • Backyard makeovers
  • Kitchen tables
  • Furniture polishing and repairs
  • Attic, basement, and roof refurbishing
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Space upgrade for a home office

Home renovation projects do not have to be grand and elaborate for you to enjoy them. If your primary goal is to escape boredom and ease stress brought by the coronavirus pandemic, just take it easy. Your little home improvement projects will be enough to take your mind off things and keep you busy and productive. With these simple tips in mind, you are good to go.

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