9 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe at Home When You’re Not Around

We all know how important it is to keep your home safe. Statistics show that most accidents take place in a domestic setting. For this reason, a lot of homeowners do whatever it takes to keep their homes safe and secure.

They immediately call for repairs when needed. They apply seal coating on concrete pavements to prevent damages from getting worse, which can cause accidents. They make sure their crawlspaces, basements, attics, and roofs don’t have any holes where disease-carrying critters and rodents can come in and spread germs all over the house.

You do what you can to keep your family safe, right?

But how about the furry members of your family? How do you ensure their safety, especially when you’re not around to take care of them? Do you have peace of mind that when you go to work, run an errand, or take off on vacation, your pets are safe at home?

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We talked to some pet owners about how they keep their homes safe for their furry friends. Here are some of the most common things they said.

  1. Have security cams installed around the house.

Security is a big concern in any household, whether it concerns your family, property, or pets. Installing security cams can help put your mind at ease whenever you’re at work, at a friend’s place, or away on vacation. If anything happens at home, you get a notification so you can immediately check on your pets and call 911 or your neighbors for assistance.

  1. Talk to your neighbors to keep an eye on your pets.

If you’re just out on a quick grocery run, you might not need this one, although it would be nice if your neighbors can do this for you. But if you’re going to be away for days or weeks, either for business or pleasure, see if you have a neighbor that you trust that can help take care of your pets and keep an eye on them while you’re gone.

  1. Get a reliable and responsible pet sitter.

If your pet is too old or too young and you don’t feel confident leaving them alone and you have no friendly neighbors to turn to, consider looking for a pet sitter to take care of them. This can help give you peace, especially if you have a new puppy.

  1. Make sure the temperature at home is comfortable enough for them.

One important thing to keep in mind if you will be away from your pets for days or weeks is the temperature you’re leaving them in. Make sure that your pets are comfortable in your home by setting the right temperature for the season. You don’t want to leave them in too cold or too hot an environment that is potentially harmful.

dog at home

  1. Keep dangerous things stored in places out of your pets’ reach.

Another thing you should never forget when leaving your pets at home for long periods is to keep dangerous stuff away from them. Pets can get really playful when left at home, especially the energetic ones. Sometimes they can get to harmful stuff such as cleaning agents, chemicals, meds, or even breakable glass. Ensuring that items like these are out of their reach will give you an assurance that they’ll be alright.

  1. Prepare pet essentials before you go.

Essentials such as access to food and water and playthings to keep them busy should be prepared beforehand. You wouldn’t want an anxious animal running around wreaking havoc in your home just because he or she is hungry. Keep them full and happy.

  1. Utilize alarms that have pet-smart sensors.

Installing pet doors is a good idea. This allows your pet to go in and out of your home anytime. The only problem is how to protect your home from burglars accessing pet doors that are large enough for humans to fit in? Install alarms that have pet sensors to alert you and the authorities if it detects humans and not animals passing through the door.

  1. Install carbon monoxide and smoke alarms that automatically alert you and the authorities.

While most homes have smoke alarms, pets don’t know how to react to them. They won’t know what to do if there is a carbon monoxide leak inside your home. A smart alarm that alerts you and authorities can help save their lives. There are even apps that allow you to open doors or windows to let your pets out in an emergency.

  1. Attach a GPS to your pet’s collar.

Finally, when it comes to your pet’s safety, it’s always a good thing if you know where they are at all times. A GPS that is attached to your pet’s collar will help you keep track of their whereabouts, especially if they go wandering in the neighborhood and can’t find their way back home.

More than the safety of our families, we also need to look out for our pet’s safety and security. They are, after all, no longer just pets but already part of our families.

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